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Postby simsss » Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:42 pm

IGN: simss

Race: Jin

Class: warlock

Country: South Korea (live in Germen now)

Age: 26

Timezone: GMT +2

Are you Level 45+: 50lvl hm 8

What Crafts do you have and what level are they:

Soul Wardens 3


True Breeze Razor - Stage 10
Awakend siren Necklace - stage 10
Awakend siren - stage 10
Awakend siren - stage 10
Awakend siren- stage 10
Scrorpio - stage
Hongmoon Energy Stage 1
(total) 541ap

All members of the clan are expected to pay a tax of 30 gold and 30 soul stones over 5 weeks, are you prepared to do this?


- It's random

Do you have Premium Membership, or planning to get one?

- Not yet

Previous MMO Experience?

-no experience

Do you have any experience in PvP, as Blade & Soul is a heavy PvP oriented game?

- not much

Do you consider yourself a PvP or PvE player?

i love only Pve

Available for Raids ?


Team Speak is required not just for Group content but it Is required for being social as well if you in game we expect you to be on Team Speak, Exceptions however will be made.

- Np

Are you Wiling to use Team speak after reading the above message?

-if need

Stable I-net connection ?

- always

Why Exodus ?

- my girlfriend belong to this clan

Previous Guild and why did u leave?

- Korean Trinity (we started 15members and now only 4 player)

What do you expect from Exodus; What can we expect from you?

i will learning Englich ^^

Describe in your best words, your personality and how you interact with others?



Nice To meet YOU!!
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Re: simss

Postby KuddlingBird » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:15 pm


Thank you for taking the time to complete one of our application forms.

Before I invite you into the clan I would like to have a small TS chat with you, to go over a few things.

If you can write a time you are able to be in game and on TS that would be great.

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