[BnS] Surreptitious

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[BnS] Surreptitious

Postby Surreptitious » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:41 pm

IGN: Surreptitious
Race: Gon

Class: Force Master

Country: Germany

Age: 23

Timezone: GMT+1/2

Current gear: http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/char ... ious&s=204
True Scorp Bangle, Almost maxed out Accessories, maxed out asura/be ido shields

What Crafts do you have and what level are they: Soul Warden Lvl4, Merry Potters Lvl4

All members of the clan are expected to pay a tax of 30 gold and 30 soul stones over 5 weeks, are you prepared to do this? The tax we have pay for guild-wide crafts like design of our outfit.
Sure, that's fine.

Playtimes? Depends on workload for university, usually weekdays 2-4h late afternoon, evening
Weekends I'd guess 4-6h

Do you have Premium Membership, or planning to get one? Yes

Previous MMO Experience? Cabal, Guild Wars

Do you have any experience in PvP, as Blade & Soul is a heavy PvP oriented game? I enjoyed the world pvp and faction pvp in Cabal and was decent, but would not say I'm good at PvP in Blade and Soul.

Do you consider yourself a PvP or PvE player? Mostly PvE.

Available for Raids? Farming 4m dungeons are what I enjoy most in the game, but SSP is fun too, so yes.

Team Speak is required for guild events, and is in general encouraged. Using TS will help alot when we decide on membership status.

Are you Wiling to use Team speak after reading the above message? I don't currently have a microphone, but I'll hang out on ts, sure.

Stable I-net connection ? Usually, yeah.

Why Exodus ? I know Exodus from Cabal way back, and saw the BnS division after the recent server merge. I'm looking for a (somewhat) serious guild with fun people to hang out with, and that's what I remember from back then.

Previous Guild and why did u leave? Heretics, we did not enjoy the same kind of content. I'm into farming 4man dungeons, and finding people with an interest in that didn't seem to work out.

What do you expect from Exodus; What can we expect from you? Like I said, I enjoy farming dungeons, a lot. So my time in BnS is usually the challenge, dailies, and then looking for a party to farm a dungeon with, depending on how much time I have.
I help out when I can, and try not to mess up in dungeons.

Describe in your best words, your personality and how you interact with others? I'm usually pretty relaxed and happy when playing, so hanging out in ts is fun (though the missing mic hurts that a bit, sorry).
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Re: [BnS] Surreptitious

Postby KuddlingBird » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:46 pm


Thank you for taking the time to complete one of our application forms.

Welcome to Exodus! :)

I will contact you in game shortly
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Re: [BnS] Surreptitious

Postby Shoo » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:56 am

old cabal player :D

what was your name back in the old cabal days ?

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