** Read First before Applying **

Want to join ? Fill in the application form and we get back to u soon.
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** Read First before Applying **

Postby Shoo » Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:19 pm

Image Recruitment is open to all Classes once Bless Online EU starts.

About Exodus

Exodus, an EU guild, was founded in December 2005 during the early beta's of Cabal Online.
From there the Guild has grown rapidly with members from around the world and a age range of 16 to 50+ playing actively the games we participate in.

What/Who Are We Looking For?

Exodus has opened up its recruitment for new members to join our community primarily for Bless Online.

- We are an English speaking guild, so at least basic knowledge of English is required.
- All new members will be subject to a 1 week trial.
- We are not looking for Internet heroes or Guild hoppers. Arrogant players who think the game revolves around them will have no place in Exodus.
- Be mature. It is not so much about your age as it is about your personality and the way you act to others.
- Be motivated and able to learn quickly. Don't be shy. Ask around if you don’t know anything. We are here to help.
- We are looking for highly active social players who enjoy a Guild that is very active in PVP/PVE.
- Discord is required during Sieges or PvE raids, not only for the teamplay but also for the social aspect for being in a guild, and lets be honest, who doesnt like a laugh ;)

Why Exodus ?

- A solid and stable Guild with an equally strong and stable managment team who are well experienced with MMORPG's.
- A very social Guild with regular PVP/PVE world and Guild events.
- Strong core of players that have been together since it was founded in 2005.
- Good mix of Hardcore and Casual gamers.

How Do I Apply For Exodus?

Applying to join Exodus is simple, Simply register at http://www.exodus-multigaming.eu​ and fill out the application form on the forums.
We strongly suggest you take the time to make a decent application in our format as we feel it shows us what you are all about, not just as a player but also as a person.
Rush applications will not be considered.

Old members from previous games will get a invite if they decide to play the game.
Image *** Application Form *** Copy > Paste in a new topic with the Title [Bless Online] name

If your application is successful you will be invited to a discord chat, if again you are successful you will be granted a trail with us where we will be looking at your activity I.e grouping with clan members, manors etc, level of contribution to the clan and also how well you fit in with our team, providing we are satisfied and also that you are also happy with your time in Exodus during your trail membership status will be granted!!

Previous MMO Experience?
Do you have any experience in PvP
Do you consider yourself a PvP or PvE player?
Available for Raids/Sieges?

Team Speak is required for guild events, and is in general encouraged. Using TS will help alot when we decide on membership status.
Are you Wiling to use Team speak after reading the above message?

Stable I-net connection ?
Why Exodus ?
Previous Guild and why did u leave?
What do you expect from Exodus; What can we expect from you?
Describe in your best words, your personality and how you interact with others?

We are looking forward to see you Ingame and on the forums

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Re: ** Read First before Applying **

Postby nekti » Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:19 pm

IGN: Sanjuro/Shoninki
Race: Undecided
Class: Undecided (have played Assasin in Russian/Palladin in Korean) Want to try the Ranger
Country: I am from Greece but live in Germany
Age: 39
Timezone: GMT (Central EU)
Playtimes? 2-3 Everyday and 5-6 in the Weekends

Previous MMO Experience? Lineage2, AION, TERA, Wildstar ,Archeage , Bns Chinese, Revelation Beta (Sold my Account) ,Black Desert , BLESS Russian and Korean

Do you have any experience in PvP Yes but mostly in group forms like sieges or gangs

Do you consider yourself a PvP or PvE player? i like mostly PVE but i enjoy the group PVP also
Available for Raids/Sieges? Ofcourse

Stable I-net connection ? Yes 200 Mbps
Why Exodus ? I liked the name because it has a greek origin :D
Previous Guild and why did u leave?
i didnt was in a guild in BLESS .
What do you expect from Exodus; What can we expect from you? Just Cpmpany , nice ppl to have fun and enjoy the game . Everything , i guess i ll do my best o help the guild and other ppl
Describe in your best words, your personality and how you interact with others? General i m a polite person old enough 39 .

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